Photo of Harley Ho

Harley Ho – Founder & President

Harley is the founder and President of VRulez. Being an IT Consultant in the Biopharma industry by day and an accountant by night throughout his career, he realizes the importance of interaction between users and the content and he believes Virtual Reality will solve the fundamental issue of training in hazardous environment. “Reading SOP doesn’t train people, VR does!” is his motto. Focusing on turning the training industry upside down, Harley is determined to let go of the traditional VR platform and implement the VR treadmills to save space, save time, improve safety and increase efficiency for your training needs.

Elwin Ung – VR Technical Lead

Elwin is an Electrical engineer specializing in control system engineering. He is experienced with black-box system identification and ground-up system design. He is interested in merging Virtual Reality into daily Reality and explore the infinite possibilities it will bring to the world. He believes the key to achieve that is to manipulate the senses of our body, especially motions through haptic devices and feedback devices by control systems.

Qi Huang – VR Lead Graphic Designer

Qi is passionate about incorporating Virtual Reality into our everyday lives. He is our specialist in 3D modeling and animation, from character design to stimulating realistic environment. A believer in narrative and storytelling, which is essential to creating meaningful connection in every 3D project. He is also a passionate developer and is essential to our development team in Unity3D.

Alan Zhu – Training Developer

Alan joined the team being a student from University of Waterloo from Software Engineering. He’s passionate about video games and their design. He is fascinated by Virtual Reality and its capability to remodel the real world. His career goal is to make VR environment that can impact people’s lives.